How Laser Tattoo Removal Works

laser tattoo removal diamondhead mississippiTattoo application involves a needle puncturing through the epidermis, the outer layer of skin, and deep into the dermis, the deepest layer of skin, where ink particles remain trapped. Your immune system recognizes the inserted ink particles as foreign material and immediately sends cells to dispose of the alien particles and heal the wound.

The reason why tattoos are permanent is because ink particles are too large for your body’s cells to remove. Thanks to advanced laser technology, the permanency of tattoos has finally met its match.

Laser tattoo removal helps your body remove ink particles by breaking them into smaller fragments. During a laser treatment, wavelengths of light energy are emitted onto a tattoo to be absorbed by the trapped ink particles. The absorption of light energy causes the large ink particles to shatter into tiny fragments that are then small enough for your body’s immune system to flush out naturally.

Over a series of treatments, the laser will continue to break down the large ink particles as your body constantly works to remove them. You will see your tattoo fade more and more with each treatment until no ink is left in your skin.

Your Immune System

laser tattoo removal biloxi mississippiMany patients believe laser tattoo removal relies solely on the laser, however it’s your immune system that performs most of the work – the laser simply breaks up the ink. Patients will experience their ink fade at different rates depending on how healthy their immune system is. Patients with weaker immune systems will experience their tattoo fade slower than patients with stronger immune systems. We encourage all patients to stay active and maintain a healthy lifestyle to improve their laser tattoo removal results.

Gulf Coast Tattoo Removal offers the best tattoo removal technology for better ink shattering and optimal results. Call our clinic today for more information on how laser tattoo removal works!