How many treatments will I need?

The average number of treatments most patients will need is between 5 and 10. Older or faded tattoos may only need 3 to 4 treatments before seeing complete removal. The number of treatments needed can only be determined after examining your tattoo in person during your free consultation. One of our laser technicians will assess your tattoo and will best estimate how many treatments you will need depending on a variety of factors. These include:

  • Age of tattoo
  • Size of tattoo
  • Depth of Ink
  • Location of tattoo
  • Tattoo ink colors
  • Density of Ink
  • Patient Health
  • Pre-existing scarring


Is laser tattoo removal painful?

There is no definitive answer to this question as every patient distinguishes pain differently. However, if you are able sit through having a tattoo applied, you can most definitely sit through having one removed. Most patients describe laser tattoo removal as having a rubber band snapped against the skin. Luckily, laser tattoo removal is a very quick procedure and lasts anywhere between 1 to 20 minutes max. Gulf Coast Tattoo Removal provides numbing solutions to increase patient comfort and mitigate any pain.


How long do I have to wait between treatments?

Treatments are scheduled 6 to 8 weeks apart in order to give your skin enough time to heal between each session. Depending on how quickly your skin heals, the time between treatments may fluctuate. Laser tattoo removal is a lengthy process, but is well worth the time spent.


What if I just want to lighten or fade my tattoo?

Gulf Coast Tattoo Removal specializes in all things tattoo removal. Whether you want to remove your tattoo completely, fade your tattoo for a cover-up, or remove just your ex-lover’s name from your tattoo, we can deliver. Our Astanza Trinity laser takes precision to the next level and can target specific portions of a tattoo while leaving the rest of it in tact. Fading of tattoos is also very helpful for cover-up tattoos as it gives your tattoo artist more flexibility with their new design and allows them to use less ink on your skin.


Are there any side effects?

The chances of permanent side effects such as scarring are extremely low. The most common side effects patients will experience are temporary redness, swelling, pigment changes, blistering, and scabbing. All of these side effects are temporary and tend to heal over time with proper aftercare. We highly advise patients to avoid picking or popping any scabs or blisters that may form. Tampering with these side effects may lead to infection and scarring. Just remember that blisters and scabs are good signs that your body is responding well to the treatment.


What’s involved with aftercare?

Patients will receive proper aftercare instructions during their consultation and after their first treatment, including a sheet to take home with them. The most important aftercare tips are to keep the treated area clean and dry, to avoid sun exposure and tanning, and to avoid soaking of the treated area. Patients may use antibiotic ointments such as Neosporin or Aquaphor to alleviate any itchiness or discomfort.


How much does laser tattoo removal cost?

Gulf Coast Tattoo Removal offers advanced, quality tattoo removal treatments at affordable prices. Prices are based on the size of the tattoo being treated. Visit our pricing page for more information on treatment packages and special discounts!


Why should I choose Gulf Coast Tattoo Removal?

Gulf Coast Tattoo Removal is the only laser tattoo removal specialty clinic serving the Biloxi, Gulfport, and Mississippi Gulf Coast region. Removing tattoos is our forte. Our best-in-class Astanza Trinity laser is able to shatter all colors of tattoo ink in fewer treatments than any other laser on the market and delivers top results for your skin. We are dedicated to great results and want to help you regain confidence in your skin. Our team of medically trained staff members are well equipped to educate you in all aspects of laser tattoo removal. We provide high quality care backed with unparalleled results. Call us today to schedule your free consultation and get one step closer to achieving beautiful, ink-free skin!